Book Writer’s screen is divided into three parts: Book List, Book Edit, and Page Edit.

1. Book List


This is where all the made books or imported books are stored.

  • Book : Touch the book and the screen will move to the edit screen.
  • New Book : Makes a new book.
  • Collections : Collection is made and books can be classified.
  • Title : Touch the title to change the information of the book.
  • Tool bar : This is the tool bar to export or import books.

2. Book Edit


This is where the book is edited.

  • Pages : Moves to the page edit screen.
  • Undo : Return to the previous work.
  • Page : It is the page being edited.
  • Item Info : Decorate the selected items.
  • Page Info : You can change layout style.
  • Read : The made book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’.
  • Setting : The book can be shared and information about the book can be set.
  • Item bar : Selected items can be added to the page.

Item bar Information

itembutton_photo@2x Photo Item
Add photos from Photo Library on to the page.
itembutton_camera@2x Camera Item
Take a photo with the camera and add the picture taken.
itembutton_text@2x Text Box Item
Add text box to the page to insert text.
itembutton_voice@2x Recorder Item
Record sound with the microphone and add the sound to the page
itembutton_music@2x Music Item
Add music from the Music Library on to the page.
itembutton_brush_square@2x Pen Tool Item
Draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
itembutton_folder@2x Sharing box Item
Add item in sharing box. Sharing box can store 3rd party item.
 itembutton_trash@2x Trash bin Item
Deletes the selected item.

3. Page Edit


You can check the pages of the book and you can edit.

  • My Books : Move to the Book List.
  • Edit : Changes to Page Edit Mode.
  • Page : Move to the selected page.


In the page edit mode, the location of the page can be moved, or the pages can be deleted, copied, and added.

  • Trash : Deletes the selected page.
  • Copy : Copies the selected page.
  • New : Adds new page.
  • Page : Move the selected page or edit the selected page.