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Interactive book authoring tool, Book Writer and Fairy Tale are all together in one amazing bundle!


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Create Fairy Tale using Book Writer

Do you like fairy tale? Jasmine created a fairy book with her voice in it for her children.


You can make a fairy tale book that you can show to your children by using the Book Writer app.



Why don’t you make a fairy book with your children now?



Jasmine’s book is available to download at here. You can modify the book using Book Writer or read the book using iBooks. (Thank you Jasmine for sponsoring your fairy tale book.)

You can read the book here.

Have fun making your fairy tale book with your children.

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Fairy Tale meets Book Writer!



Just update Fairy Tale 1.410 version to add peristaltic function from Fairy Tale to Book Writer!


To create a fairy tale book send it to Book Writer and the book is available to read in iBooks. This is very simple. Once you have created a fairy tale. Touch the share button then choose “Send to Book Writer.”

Can you imagine what would happen if Fairy Tale was sent using Book Writer?


First, you can read your fairy tale using iBooks and share with friends. As well as register at iBookstore.


Secondly, you can insert your pictures, videos, music, your voice, and etc. in the book.

Thirdly, Book Writer provides various features: image masking, media  auto play and item link to create interactive book using the Book Writer.

Time to use it now!


Download Fairy Tale

Download Book Writer

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