Additional Layout for every template

Book Writer provide Autocreate, Layout style feature for design your book easily.

Now Book Writer version 4.600 support Layout style for every template. You can use Autocreate, Layout style with Portrait book, Landscape book, also Square book.



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Book Writer for iOS 11 sneak peek

With iOS 11, Book Writer provide improved multitasking feature. You can use drag & drop with 3rd party app. Just drag item and drop it to Book Writer canvas.


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Connect the Book World

Connect the Book World homepage to meet diverse book and author.



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New feature : Layout Style

Book Writer version 4.500 support layout style feature.


Select page button and select the desired layout style, the items are automatically edited.

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New feature : Combine Book

Book Writer version 4.300 support combine book feature. You can combine your books with any format, size.



Combine is is place book you want to make a base book and select ‘Combine Book’. and select book you want to combined and combine is automatically proceed.




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Introduce Book World Web Reader


Now you can read your book with various device. And anyone can read your book without Book Writer app.


Create book with Book Writer. Upload your book to Book World. Share your book using url address and QRCode.


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Make lovely card with Book Writer


You can read the guide here.

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Introduce Writer`s Essential – Book, Fairy Tale authoring tool

Interactive book authoring tool, Book Writer and Fairy Tale are all together in one amazing bundle!


You can get Book Writer & Fairy Tale app in this bundle with discounted price.

Also we provide 50% sale for educational institutions.

Use App Store Volume Purchase Program to purchase Book Writer.
For more details –

App Store link :

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Book World beta test begin

Today, Book Writer`s new internet book sharing feature is provided in beta test. You can download beta test app and enjoy it. Thanks!


‘Book World’ feature will provide soon by beta test. If you want to join ‘Book World’ beta test, send your e-mail address to us.

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Book Creator VS Book Writer

There are two typical e-book authoring tool apps, which are Book Writer and Book Creator. Now let’s compare the two products.

(Book Writer Preview Video)



For creating e-book, the apps should be intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, interface is very important to the creating process.

Book Creator and Book Writer have different types of interface. Let’s compare their differences.

  Book Creator Book Writer
Add item by drag and drop X O
Editing item by touch O O
Interactive animation X O
Page list view O O
In-Page text editor X O

Drag and Drop Item:

It’s easy to do, just pick the item up under the bar, and drop the item where you want.

In-Page text editor:

Book Writer provides In-Page text editor feature. This feature works when editing text.  Book Writer provides full screen layout which is easier to view your changes in. However, Book Creator does not provide a full screen for editing text which is makes it quite difficult to create an e-book. Several apps provide In-Page text function such as Pages and Keynote.

(Image : Text editing screen in Book Creator and Book Writer)



Let’s find out what other functions are supported by Book Writer and Book Creator.

  Book Creator Book Writer
Image masking X O
Draw function O O
Drawing image X O
Multimedia Item O O
Connect item X O
Read Mode X O
Presentation Mode X X
Support collection X O
Support iPhone X O

Image masking:

Book Writer supports various functions. Amongst these functions  is Image masking. With image masking, one can cut or edit images. This feature is pivotal for creating e-books.

Draw Image:

Book Writer provides the ability to draw any image directly. You can also erase part of image or you can draw image on other image. This feature allows your e-book to reflect more of your personality in creating an e-book.

(Image : Image using Book Writer)


Read mode:

After you produce your book, you can read your book with the Read Mode feature. This feature ensures that you don’t have to download another app in order to view the finished product. Also, it allows the creator to easily go back and view other e-books that they have created.

Presentation mode:

We have also added the presentation mode which makes it easy for you to show your e-books in a Keynote presentation to others. For editing purposes, you can draw images in this mode as well.



When you share your book, what are functions supports to you. Let’s compare it.

  Book Creator Book Writer
Send out your book X O
Support book created by another app X 50%
Support iCloud Drive O O
Convert to PDF file O O

Book Writer can open all types of books, while Book Creator doesn’t have that option. While Book Writer can open books supported by Book Creator, not all of the functions are supported by it. Book Writer also supports Fairy Tale books.



The Authoring tool feature allows people share their input in the app. Book Writer is designed for people who want to easily to make e-books. Its a great tool to use for educational purposes because it has various functions such as.

I hope that the Authoring Tool feature becomes fully developed because it would be a great add-on for Book Writer and it would enhance the Book Writer experience of creating e-books.


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