Troubleshooting, FAQ

Book Writer published ePub files that meet Apple’s technical requirements that easily upload to the iBookstore. For further information about uploading to the iBookstore view Apple’s FAQ.

Once your book is completed, we’d love to hear about it.

Upload your book to the cloud storage service(Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.) and download it to the other iProduct.

Set background music to the entire book by touching the “Title Button” and setting the audio track of your choice to the background.

We recommend that you change your image format from CMYK to RGB. This occurs because the iOS device doesn’t support CMYK format.

We recommend that you use the cloud storage service(Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.), because the email does not support the content amount.

When the book file size is large the email service can’t handle it. Please use the cloud storage service(Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.) to share your book.

You can share your book on Facebook using Book World or Cloud storage service(Dropbox, SkyDrive.) by uploading your book to cloud storage and sharing the link.

Please Follow Steps:  Launch Setting App -> Select Privacy -> Select Photos -> Enable Book Writer.

You can share your book via iTunes, email or cloud storage service(Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.).

You can download your book in iBooks using iTunes(PC) sync. Or select ‘Send Book to iTunes’ and download your book using iTunes(PC).

The completed book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’ by tapping the read button that looks like a book on the top right.


Use two fingers to expand and reduce the page in ‘Reading Mode’. Swipe the pages left and right to move pages.


Reduce the page or tap the ‘Page’ button on the top left to move to the ‘Page List’ screen. Clicking the ‘Done’ button to go back to edit mode.

  • Children’s picture books
  • Photo books
  • Art books
  • Cook books
  • Manuals
  • Textbooks

The list goes on. Book Writer supports “Fixed Layout.” This tool is great for cropping photos, uploading videos, texts and etc.. However, this application is not designed to create long book.

Of course, magnificent books have been created by children from ages 5 and older. Book Writer is suitable for classroom as well as home use.

Of course, Book Writer publishes books using the international ePub standard which allows users to open files on other e-readers that support ePub. However, there is no guarantee that the reading experience will be equivalent to the iPad. Chrome Web Browser supports the Readium application, this application is an open extension to ePub.

If your application appears to be functioning improperly, refer to the steps below.

Close your application in the Multi-Tasking Board

  • Turn your iProduct (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) off completely then turn it on.
  • Double-tap the Home button to display recent apps on the Home screen.
  • Tap and hold the disabled application until the red minus appears.
  • Tap the red minus to close the application.

Restart or Reset your device

No data will be deleted

Close all applications that are running and restart the application.

  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button until “slide to power off” appears.
  • Slide to power off your device.
  • After powering off the device, press the Sleep/Wake button to turn the device on.

If the application is responding properly, you have successfully completed the process

*See more about Turning On/Off and Reset

Check for app updates

Check to see if your Book Writer application is up to date

Be certain that your application is up to date:

  • Open the App Store and tap Updates. If updates are available, tap Update All.
  • When prompted, enter your iTunes Store account information. App Store will then download and install all application updates.

iTunes Restoring

If the problem persists, attempt to restore from iTunes.
*See more about iTunes Restore.

Reinstall the application

If the application does not function as intended, attempt to reinstall Book Writer. Backup all data before beginning because the process will result in deleted data.

  • Backup your Book Writer application data.* See How to Backup & Restore
    • Remove the application from your device.
    • Go to the App Store, locate the application and download it.

Note that, once you have purchased the application, you can download it again without being charged.

I want a refund.

Contact iTunes Support Team to inquire about any issues related to app purchases. You should also direct your queries in regard to your iTunes account, purchase history and assorted matters to them. Here is the link for you to start

I got over-charged.

All updates are free

• The $0.99 processing fee is just to verify the status of your card. This does not apply to the actual purchase of the application. Within a few days this transaction will be cancelled.

• There is no reapplication fee. If you have been charged for reinstalling the application, you may have purchased the application using a different account.

Book Writer is an innovative application that allows users to create books through an iPhone and iPad. Magnificent books are created that may be read through iBooks.

You can use Book Writer anywhere on the job, at school and at home. With Book Writer, you can create a variety of books. They can be photo books, video books, art books, fairy tales, cookbooks, PR books, manuals and PDF documents.

  • Templates are provided to make books of different styles and formats.
  • Choosing a layout style automatically relocates your items.
  • Use drag & drop to easily add items.
  • You can use the photos from Photo Library to add to the book, or you can add pictures taken directly from camera.
  • Pictures can be moved, the size can be adjusted, and you can rotate or crop the pictures by touching.
  • Text box item can be added to the page to input text.
  • Onscreen text editor is provided that shows all the inserted text on the page in real-time.
  • Book Writer supports fonts and styles of various types.
  • You can add videos from your album or you can directly record videos with your camera to add them.
  • Use recorder to record your voice and add to the book, or add music from Music Library to your book.
  • Bring any music from Music Library to add as your background music.
  • Use the auto play function to automatically play the media at the time you want.
  • Item connection function is provided to connect your pictures or text to sound items.
  • The Undo function allows you to return to your previous work.
  • Use the Page Editor to add or delete pages or change the order of the page by using drag & drop.
  • You can combine two books together.
  • The completed book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’.
  • Read the books you have made on iBooks.
  • Books that have been created can be shared via Book World, iTunes, E-mail, Dropbox, or Google Drive, etc.
  • Share your book with others using Book World. And can be read on many smartphone, PC, Mac.
  • You can publish your book to paperback using Paperback publish service.
  • Save your book as a PDF document or you can use AirPrint or use Export to print the books.
  • The standard E-book format, epub, is supported to read the made books with iBooks and you can register your books on iBookstore.
  • Book Writer supports the fixed-layout format of iBooks. The fixed-layout format is not ideal for books with long text like novels.

Book Writer, allows the users hours of fun creating a book with family, friends and also couples filled with beautiful memories.

Contact iTunes Support Team about any issues related to your purchase. You can contact them about your iTunes account, purchase history and other matters. Click on this link to contact iTunes Support

Book Writer is translated in a multitude of languages.

Currently, there are translations in English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese and Korean.

While the basic interface of Book Writer is in English, tasks, memos, and notes may be created in any language.

The language format comes in iPhone/iPad Settings.

Setting the language: Settings > General > International > Language
Choose the language you want to use, then tap Done.

See How to change language >

If the date & time do not display correctly, change the settings in Region Format.
Setting Region Format: Settings > General > International > Region Format 
Choose the region you reside in.

A book can be printed by using Apple air print.  Click here to see a list of compatible devices. If your printer is not compatible, click on AirPrint Activator to connect.

Many schools use Book Writer for educational purposes. Students can express what they are thinking with videos, photos and voices. Also, teachers can create an educational resource using Book Writer.
Lastly, schools can create documents for professional use.

Book Writer’s screen is divided into three parts: Book List, Book Edit, and Page Edit.

1. Book List


This is where all the made books or imported books are stored.

  • Book : Touch the book and the screen will move to the edit screen.
  • New Book : Makes a new book.
  • Collections : Collection is made and books can be classified.
  • Title : Touch the title to change the information of the book.
  • Tool bar : This is the tool bar to export or import books.

2. Book Edit


This is where the book is edited.

  • Pages : Moves to the page edit screen.
  • Undo : Return to the previous work.
  • Page : It is the page being edited.
  • Item Info : Decorate the selected items.
  • Page Info : You can change layout style.
  • Read : The made book can be read in ‘Reading Mode’.
  • Setting : The book can be shared and information about the book can be set.
  • Item bar : Selected items can be added to the page.

Item bar Information

itembutton_photo@2x Photo Item
Add photos from Photo Library on to the page.
itembutton_camera@2x Camera Item
Take a photo with the camera and add the picture taken.
itembutton_text@2x Text Box Item
Add text box to the page to insert text.
itembutton_voice@2x Recorder Item
Record sound with the microphone and add the sound to the page
itembutton_music@2x Music Item
Add music from the Music Library on to the page.
itembutton_brush_square@2x Pen Tool Item
Draw image and edit image using Pen Tool.
itembutton_folder@2x Sharing box Item
Add item in sharing box. Sharing box can store 3rd party item.
 itembutton_trash@2x Trash bin Item
Deletes the selected item.

3. Page Edit


You can check the pages of the book and you can edit.

  • My Books : Move to the Book List.
  • Edit : Changes to Page Edit Mode.
  • Page : Move to the selected page.


In the page edit mode, the location of the page can be moved, or the pages can be deleted, copied, and added.

  • Trash : Deletes the selected page.
  • Copy : Copies the selected page.
  • New : Adds new page.
  • Page : Move the selected page or edit the selected page.

An easy way to make a simple book.

1. Create a new book


Tap ‘New Book’ on the top right of Book List view.

2. Select a Template


Select the template of book. Selecting the 2 page format will allow you to edit two pages on one screen.

3. Adding photo item to the page

When the page is made, items can be selected and added. There are two ways to add an item.


Tap the photo item on the bottom and Photo Library will pop up. Select a photo and the photo item will be added to the page.


Touch the photo item and drag onto the page, and the item will be added. Select a photo and the photo item will be added to the page.

4. Adding Text Box Item


As explained in ‘Adding photos item to the page’ on #3, select the text box item from the item bar or drag & drop to add text box item to the page.


Tap the selected text box item once more and a keyboard will appear for you to insert text.

After typing in the text, tap ‘Done’ button on the top left or tap the keyboard button on the bottom right.

5. Decorating Text Box


Select a text box and tap the Item Info button to decorate.

Adjust the size of the text by tapping the up and down arrows of Size.
Change the font style by selecting Font.
Change the color of the font by selecting Color.
Change the text alignment form by selecting Alignment.

6. Adding Recorder Item

Add your own recorded voice on to the book.


As mentioned on ‘Adding photo item to the page’ on #3, select the recorder item from the item bar or drag &drop the recorder item to the page.

Tap the round and red button, and the recording starts. When the recording is finished, tap the red button again and add the item to the page. Tap the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel recording.

7. Adding Drawing image Item


Tap the pen tool item on the bottom and Drawing Tool will show. Draw image by using touch and tap the ‘Done’ button if drawing is finished, then drawing image will be added to the page.

8. Adding new page


Slide outside of the page to the left to add a new page. Pages can also be added on the page edit screen.

1. Download Book

Download the book made with Book Writer on to the Mac or PC. Refer to the following link for downloading methods.

2. How to read with Mac


Open iBooks for Mac and open the downloaded book.

iBooks for Mac can be only used on OS X Mavericks (10.9) or above. Refer to ‘How to read with PC’ for older versions.

3. How to read with PC

First, you will need Google Chrome browser. Refer to the following site to download Google Chrome.


After installing Chrome, Add-on the e-book reader- Readium. Log on to the Chrome Web Store.


Type in Readium in the search window on the left.


Click ‘Free’ to install Readium.


When the installation is complete, you will see that Readium is added to the app list.


Open Readium and click the Library button to import book.


Click Choose Files button to read or open the book from PC, or type in the web address of where the book is saved on From the web.


Readium can be used with the same methods on Mac.

You can download your book in iBooks using iTunes or using Cloud Storage Service(Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)

1. Using iTunes

Select a book from the Book List screen and tap the setting button. Then select ‘Send Book’ and  select ‘Copy to iTunes.


Open iTunes and connect the device (iPhone/iPad). Click the device button in iTunes and move to Apps.
Click Book Writer from the Apps list and the Book Writer document list will appear. Click the book file sent from Book Writer, and click ‘Save to..’ button to save on to the PC.

2. Using Cloud Storage Service
To use the Cloud Storage Service, users must register to the corresponding service. We recommend Dropbox(


There are many services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, and etc. Register to one of the services and add the corresponding app to the device.


Select a book from the Book List screen and tap the setting button. Then select ‘Open in Another App’.

Select the Cloud Storage Service App from the Export App List.


You can select the location for the file to be saved on the corresponding app. Select a location and tap the ‘Save’ button.

After it is saved, the book can be shared in all the devices that can use Cloud Storage Service.

Share the link of the saved book by using ‘Copy Link’ service to show people the book you have made. (Some services do not provide this.)

Send the made book to iBooks, and you can also send it to a different app, e-mail, and iTunes.


Tap the Tool button on the top right and the tool list will appear. Tap ‘Send Book’ button to send the book to the place you want.


Send the book to a different such as iBook to read the book or tap ‘Open in Another App’ button share the book on Dropbox or Google Drive. When the button is tapped, the book will be made and completed. Then the list of apps where you can send the book will appear.


Send the book to the app you want.

The book can be read on iBooks. Please make sure to install iBooks from the App Store before reading.


iBooks supports various interactive functions provided by Book Writer.

For iTunes store songs please ensure you have downloaded them to your device.

And supported audio format is need to export your audio file to book properly. If you still encounter this problem, please send email to us for solve the problem.

Book World is online e-book sharing service.


Select Setting button. Select ‘Share book’ and ‘Share to Book World’.

If you didn`t sign in Book World, Sign in Book World alert will present. Select ‘Sign in’ and sign in to Book World and try again.


Books stored in Book World can be viewed on the web as well as on your app, and can be viewed on variety of devices, including Mac and Windows. Select book in Book World and select Setting button. You can open the book in safari or share book`s url address.