The Writer`s Essential Collection


Book Writer
eBook, PDF creator for iPhone/iPad


Book Writer One
Notes & Book sharing app for iPhone/iPad

Presentation tool, Slideshow recorder for iPhone/iPad


Story Sharing app for iPhone/iPad

Fairy Tale
Story Maker for iPhone/iPad


Jack and the Beanstalk
Interactive Storybook for iPhone/iPad

For Everyone

Create various kinds of books such as Fairy tales, Cook books, Manuals, Journals, etc.

For School

Students can learn how to express what they are thinking with videos, photos and voices.

For Family

Make a book to tell your family story, it will become a personal family document.

Will Love It

see how they love Book Writer.
“Book Writer looks likes a application that teachers can use in their classrooms as a format for students to write journals in multimedia format. I wouldn’t want my students to only use the functions of inserting photos, video, and voice and mp3 insertion though, that would be too easy, but they could expand their expression with those functions. It would aslo be an excellent format for the dreaded term paper. It would be their oral presentation in microcosm. With the function of being able to add narration, they can use the book writer as a way to lay out their presentation and fine tune it before actually making the presentation to the class and then hand it in afterwards to the teacher. They can also keep it as something to remember in the future as a matter of pride. And teachers can use them, with all credit to the students who made them, as examples to future students.”
Patricia Abderholden, Teacher
“By the way, this has been the greatest app ever! And I appreciate the support. I am able to recreate digital versions of out-of-print books for my 4 year old daughter who enjoys the books I was read as a child.”
Brian R. ****
“Excellent app for the creation of eBooks. I found it to be particularly useful to create annotated photo albums. The app is rock solid and stable on both iPhone and iPad and I had no difficulty customizing fonts, placement, layout, sharing, etc. The developer is also highly responsive and offers great support. Great idea and implementation. Highly recommended!”
“This is a great app…My daughter loves to create her own books and share them…Although I do think the price tag is a little high…But it wasn’t too much for my daughters entertainment…The interface is nice and easy to use…Good job!”